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The Hardest Thing I Never Did

Growing up, I always remember my father as someone who was genuine, giving, and humble.  I never heard him complain, swear, or say a bad word about anyone; he was the consummate gentleman. Never embarrassed to be demonstrative, he was open about his love for his family.  For me, the youngest of three and the only girl, I felt his support with me always.  While at times he said he didn’t understand or perhaps didn’t agree with something I did, he always believed in my ability to make a good decision for myself.  This was something I needed to remember and return in kind, years later, when his physical health, and more importantly, his spirit declined in spite of his ever present mind. 

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Susan B. Anthony Project Honors Survivors of Sexual Assault

As people filed in, a hopeful, excited buzz filled the atrium of the Arts and Science Building at Northwestern Connecticut Community College on the evening of April 24.  The Susan B. Anthony Project partnered with NCCC’s Women’s Center to hold the sixth annual Sexual Assault Awareness Vigil to honor survivors, recognize efforts made by individuals and groups to end sexual violence, and bring awareness to the community.  April was National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and the countrywide campaign is, “It’s time… to talk about it!”

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On Personal Growth and Human Progress

Progress; the word refers to continual change, but the word itself continually changes in our minds and in our hearts. What was once progress has been cast aside, and our definition of it has since changed. Personal growth now has little meaning, and is either tied into a person’s “career” or into their worth for the world. So what kind of world do we now live in? A world of science, business, economics, and engineering is the answer. This world of ours seems to often cast away the interpersonal progress of empathy, compassion and spirituality. The secret to true growth may in fact lie in the past, and not in the present.

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Black leather clad on the skin of a monster, a monster made of iron-crosses and German blood. The boots can stomp out the worst of the filth. They guide him through the fields of hatred and pain and protect him from the blood of the impure. On stilts he walks like a clown through quicksand, believing in circus rhymes and fairy signs. He plays the games of the carnival, playing with the audience each day, but there are no volunteers, only players, in a field, of hate and revenge. The field is soaked in the bile of fear, but his boots keep his feet clean and his mind ever clear.