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Dripping Half of the Time


Am I now?
When wasn’t I? How?
Was I? When? Where, other than here?
How not? Exactly, my dear.
Don’t worry yourself with such trivialities;
No need to broach such subjects now, like parallel, half solid realities…
First things first- this- the other levels can be saved for later-
Wait, you look incredulous; I thought you said you weren’t just another underestimator,
Rather a rarer specimen; at least that was the impression you gave initially-
It’s cool; I’ve been fooled before, but I have also been the fooler, stealthily turning tables stylistically-
A bamboozler, constantly getting hoodwinked- willingly
Offering myself up to be tricked AND treated, in a perpetual state of undress respectably
Stumbling through these trips dripping half the time, with sarcasm, dignified,

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