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Nothing More Precious

rockiness background

Assuming I am human and do not get another chance,
Why would I not treat each moment like it is the last?- watching as  each new Now enchants
Like it is built to: allowing the absolute invigoration that always was, will be, and Is an option.
To choose any other path, now that I have felt the True and seen where it has gotten
Me, compared to where and what I was, would be a depraved act of violence on the level of kicking a smiling 2 year old in the face.
Drastic hyperbole, some would say, but I know not.  Now is just as precious and to turn away or resist would be equally horrid and evil, so in this case-
Meaning This, the Here that I am touching, tasting, and smelling with all of me,
I am allowing and accepting all that is and can be; dancing naked in the snow with strobe lights, living completely



On Personal Growth and Human Progress

Progress; the word refers to continual change, but the word itself continually changes in our minds and in our hearts. What was once progress has been cast aside, and our definition of it has since changed. Personal growth now has little meaning, of which that is left now refers to a “career” which is usually built corporately. So what kind of world do we now live in? A world of science, business, economics, and engineering is the answer. This world of ours seems all too often to cast away the interpersonal progress of empathy, compassion and spirituality. The secret to true growth may in fact lie in the past, and not in the present.