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Dear Mother[Nature]



It is here where I have learned most,
Where I have learned most fully-
How to hear, how to see…. You
In all of your voices and forms-
It is you who has taught me most,
And you from whom I have the most to learn.
It is you who has never left me-
It is I who has committed the tragically
Contemptible act of having left you-
You have never left me unfulfilled
To the extent that I have brought my hunger
And a willing and open heart genuinely to you.
You have never taken from me
Anything but the things I have chosen to weigh upon me-
It is I who has taken, I who has neglected,
I who has not stood up, at times, in your defense
When you needed defending most-
It is to you that I make this promise-
To love, to cherish, to sing your song-
To hold you without vainly and arrogantly trying to contain-
To advocate where and when you cannot speak for yourself-
But most importantly, to love-
To love actively, with the passion that you have shown me
Is possible- to allow my eyes and my heart to be,
And to be opened by this love-
And to point others in your direction,
Where to love is the greatest and most pure joy,
For it is truly to touch and to know the sublime.