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“Lest We Forget”

This article was written by Cheryl Sherlock, NCCC student and newly inducted PTK member. While not officially a member of the Journalism Club, Ms. Sherlock wrote this piece after attending NCCC student Anna Sypnieweki’s recent lecture on Auschwitz. Gloss is honored to publish her contribution below. – Editors

​On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, Anna Sypniewski, an NCCC student, presented a lecture about Auschwitz-Birkenau, the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp, located in Poland.  Introduced by Professor Todd Bryda, Miss Sypniewski’s topic addressed her 2013 visit to Auschwitz and the profound effect that visit had had upon her.

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Bob’s Flame

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A wise man once told me “everything is gonna be all right;”
Momma, just hold me; do you think he could see our strife?
Many of troubles here now were also present in his life, before and after-
But it seems as if some now are different, or at least faster-
So do we need to find quicker or maybe heavier solutions?
One thing is certain that they have not been solved by any prior revolutions.
Does that simply mean that we are obliged to ignite a new one? Or ramp up the current quiet scene? Or both? How come
It seems like there are so many who are not content with the general state of things,
But are cool with inaction, as if it’s their thing to whine and even sing
About how horrid current conditions are outside,
But have zero drive to actually do anything to effect change in the tide-
If that’s their or your movie, god bless you and good luck with that
At best, it’ll get you more of the same, which does not satisfy at
All the intensifying flame in my gut. No point in recapturing failure from the past.
I am pursing the new, not looking to get any of the old back.


rockiness background

Assuming I am human and do not get another chance,
Why would I not treat each moment like it is the last?- watching as  each new Now enchants
Like it is built to: allowing the absolute invigoration that always was, will be, and Is an option.
To choose any other path, now that I have felt the True and seen where it has gotten
Me, compared to where and what I was, would be a depraved act of violence on the level of kicking a smiling 2 year old in the face.
Drastic hyperbole, some would say, but I know not.  Now is just as precious and to turn away or resist would be equally horrid and evil, so in this case-
Meaning This, the Here that I am touching, tasting, and smelling with all of me,
I am allowing and accepting all that is and can be; dancing naked in the snow with strobe lights, living completely