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Yup: here she comes. Maybe-
Aint nothing hesitantly tentative about me
Or it.  Ready.  With it.  Effortless synchronicity-
Sinking into an apex of sorts, mutually.
It has happened before, but not like this.  Usually
The rise is accompanied by a fall, but today is quite windy,
And there is only a sailing, a lifting in this moment, drastically.
I don’t think I can stop and she doesn’t know how to-
This which I once considered theoretical, I know is now true-
Counting the stars and clouds simultaneously
I know there is nothing other than this.  Could it be
That this is what I was built for?  That the only
Thing that deserves attention is absence and through it we have a shot at presence- at feeling how preciously composed it all it.  And always was, if only we are willing to see.