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Defying the Impossible – A Review of Impossible Road

When first opening Impossible Road on your device, you’re met with an ominous audible tone, and a fade in of the logo. When you tap the screen, the game immediately begins. There are no instructions; you just instantly become a ball, barreling forward on a roller coaster-type track. With this introduction, it is likely that the game will seem to fit its name exactly – impossible. The first time I played, I was on the track for little more than an instant before careening off and having to start anew.

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Shelborne Bay

We went as far as the car could take us.  Would it be far enough, though?  That was the question we all were asking ourselves the moment after the 1989 Accord with 213,000 miles on it came to its final shuddering stop in the middle of Route 7, heading north, somewhere between Ferrisburg and Burlington, Vermont.  Nothing was said because there was nothing to be said.  All four of us simply opened our doors and stepped into the almost dawn, late January air.

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